Anime Commands

Name Description Usage
Anime Info Get information for an anime using the AniList api. t.animeinfo [anime name]
Anime Character Info Get information for a provided character using the AniList api. t.animecharacter [character name]
Anime User Info Get information for an anilist account using the AniList api. t.animeuserinfo [anilist username]

Cryptocurrency Commands

Name Description Usage
Coin Info Get information about the provided cryptocurrency. t.coininfo [coin]
Coin Chart Show the price chart of the 30 last days for the provided coin. t.coinchart [coin]

Fun Commands

Name Description Usage
8ball Answer to the question with a random answer. t.8ball (question)
Baka Shows a gif with a character saying baka. t.baka [user]
Cat Shows a random cat image.
Dog Shows a random dog image.
Hug Shows a gif with a character doing a hug to someone. t.hug [user]
Kiss Shows a gif with a character kissing someone. t.kiss [user]
Love Calculate the loves between two users. [user] [user]
Meme Shows a random meme.
Pat Shows a gif with a character patting someone. t.pat [user]
Random Generate a random number between the min and max. t.random [min] [max]
Slap Shows a gif with a character slaping someone. t.slap [user]

Game Commands

Name Description Usage
Daily Collect your daily reward. t.daily
Gameprofile Show the game profile of an user. t.gameprofile (user)
Magic Show the list of magic or info about a magic. t.magic (magic)
Move Show the info about a provided move . t.move (level) (move)
Summon Get the list of summon portals or summon a random magic from the portal specified. t.summon (summon)

Miscellaneous Commands

Name Description Usage
Help Displays all commands that the bot has or show the informations of a provided command. (command)
Invite Get the invite link for the bot. t.invite
Shards Show the shard list with their statuses. t.shards
Version Show the current version with the changelogs. t.version

Moderation Commands

Name Description Usage
Ban Bans a user from the guild! t.ban [user] (reason)
Cleanup Used to remove stats from users that left the server. t.cleanup
Give Used to give points to a user. t.give [user] [amount]
Giveaway Create a giveaway. t.giveaway [Duration in seconds] [reward]
Kick Kick a user from the guild! t.kick [user] (reason)
Mute Mutes a member in the discord! t.mute <@user> (time) (reason)
Purge Will delete the x last message or the 100 last messages of a user t.purge [amount] or [user]
Softban Softbans a user from the guild! t.softban [user] (reason)
Unban Unban a user from the guild! t.unban [user] (reason)

Social Commands

Name Description Usage
Avatar Get the avatar of the provided user. t.avatar (user)
Leaderboard Get the leaderboard of the current server.. t.leaderboard
Profile Show informations about the provided user rank on the server. t.profile (user)
Toggle Level Up Message Toggle user level up message. t.togglelevelup

Utility Commands

Name Description Usage
Bot Info Get informations about the bot. t.botinfo
Ping Get the ping of the bot.
Roblox Profile Get informations about a roblox profile. t.robloxprofile [roblox username]
Server Info Get informations about the server. t.serverinfo
User Info Get informations about the provided user. t.userinfo (user)
Weather Get the weather in the provided city. [city]